Bodacious Beard Balm – Three Kings Scent

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This balm is somewhat firmer than other balms to ensure maximum styling and shaping.  More effort is required in order to use it than our competitor’s softer balms.  A balm that turns into a liquid in your hands is not much better than an oil, as far as styling gos.  If a softer hold and easy to apply product is what you desire, try our Bodacious Beard Oils. This product is not available in a softer version.

All our Sleigh Master Bodacious Beard Balms are developed from an Old World family, carefully-crafted base of high quality, pure ingredients* – perfect for producing great results for your beard. Then, we apply our non-yellowing “Santafication” process and finally use natural essential oils to create a special scent to enhance your presence without overwhelming you or those around you. All our beard balms are designed to hold, shine, renew, hydrate, condition, repair and control your beard with a non-yellowing formula. This ensures you will have a “Bodacious Beard” that will keep its natural color, even if it is white.

The Three Kings (some call them three wise men) visited Jesus at His birth offered three gifts in His honor. Those were the most expensive gifts of their time – gold, frankincense and myrrh. Have you ever wondered what frankincense and myrrh smell like? Now you can know with this eternal scent from the past. Find out what makes our frankincense and myrrh scent so special! Try it today.

Frankincense and Myrrh comes in a gold tin in honor of our Lord and Savior and the gifts He received at birth!

Three Kings is the mildest of all the scents we carry.  No matter how much essential oils is added we cannot get this scent to be “Loud and Proud.”

Scroll down to read usage and ingredient instructions.

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USAGE: Packaged in a two fluid ounce burnished gold-colored metal tin, you can expect this product to last about four to six weeks.** Using your thumbnail or fingernail scrape a small amount of beard balm (bulldozer style-pushing), about the size of a dime from the tin.Then place this dollop of product between the palms of your hands rubbing them together until the product is warm and softened. Rub beard thoroughly with hands, applying warmed Bodacious Beard Balm into your beard and mustache and shape accordingly. (If using our Bodacious ‘Stache Wax do not apply balm into mustache, only use the ‘Stache Wax).

Can be used in a wet beard right out of the shower or a dry beard. Experiment both ways and see what works best for you! The use of a hair dryer is useful but optional.

Generally, it take about three weeks for your beard to become fully conditioned, hydrated, and nourished.

You can use as often as you wish, however recommended usage is only once a day. Be aware that your beard can only adsorb so much product daily, any extra will weight down your beard and come off on your clothes. But there is no danger in damaging your beard from over use.

*100% ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Shea butter, virgin coconut oil, bees’ wax, argan oil, jojoba oil,avocado oil, almond oil, babassu oil, safflower oil, apricot oil,enriched with vitamin E, as well as natural essential oils for scent. Over eleven all natural ingredients make up our best seller.

**Based on the daily use on a beard the size and thickness of Santa Charles.

Caution: Please do a small skin test before using fully as product may contain allergens for certain individuals.

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