Bodacious Pocket ‘Stache Wax

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“Bodacious Pocket ‘Stache Wax”

“This ‘Stache Wax is now unscented!”

NOTE: This may not be the typical mustache wax you are used too! Please read before ordering.

You can also read the description on our “Stache Wax as this is the same exact product!

This convenient carry tube is best used as a compliment to our Bodacious ‘Stache Wax!  It is only meant to be used as a “Touch Up” product when away from home. Due to it’s small size, it is not recommended that this be your only ‘Stache Wax product purchase.

Carry this little touch up, lip balm-sized version of our original ‘Stache Wax around with you wherever you go.  It is especially useful when you are in the chair, working a job, or just finished a meal at your local restaurant. Small in size, it is great for not taking up a lot of space in your pocket, and your body heat keeps it at the right temperature for application. Do not expose it to very warm temperatures as it will melt, much like a lip balm would.

Now when Mrs. Claus excuses herself and asks if any other ladies need to go powder their noses, you can excuse yourself too and touch up that ‘Stache! To avoid crazy looks, we would suggest you don’t ask if any of the other guys would like to  you join you!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

“Apply onto your eye brows and combing upward will give you that Sleigh wind blown look!”

Let us help you keep a stiff upper lip

A little goes a long way. Try it today.

USAGE: Scroll down to read instructions on usage and ingredients list.

Caution: Please do a small skin test before using fully as product may contain allergens for certain individuals.

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“Bodacious Pocket ‘Stache Wax” – A little goes a long way. Try it today.

This ‘Stache Wax is now unscented!

USAGE: Our standard Bodacious ‘Stache Wax is a very hard and thick wax, likely not the kind you are used too! This is best used for an extreme handlebar mustache. Scrap the top of the balm tube with finger nail (Bulldozer style, pushing), and rub between fingers till product becomes workable. Use as much product to get desired effect you want, and to get rid of snake tongues! Finish off with cold wet finger tips to give that polished look. The use of a hair dryer is optional (but not necessary) in order to heat the wax up and make it sticky! Warming the product will in no way damage it’s integrity.

You must apply heavily to the tips of your mustache to get that western look curl! Once the desired curl is obtained, finish off by rubbing with cold wet finger tips.


“You may have to reapply or touch up after an hour or two because your mustache will absorb the product, conditioning, hydrating and protecting your stache, but losing its initial hold!”

Reapplying will ensure that hold you need.

100% ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Shea butter, virgin coconut oil, bees wax, Brazilian wax, argan oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, almond oil, babassu oil, safflower oil, apricot oil, enriched with vitamin E, as well as natural essential oils for scent. Over twelve all natural ingredients go into this product!

Caution: Please do a small skin test before using fully as product may contain allergens for certain individuals.

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