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Did you know that Pixies and Fairies are related to Elves? Actually they are the Elves country cousins, and they frequently visit Santa and the Elves. All being said some have come and stayed, becoming Christmas Pixies and Fairies.

Pixies and Fairies are best known for their “Dust” which comes in different colors and does different things according to the color. Little is known how it is produced, except for the fact that it is very magical. This magical sparkling iridescent glitter-like powder grants the abilities of flight, and in some casts is used by Santa to provide flight for the reindeer when flying over areas that are low in Christmas Spirit (we all know that reindeer fly by using Christmas Spirit).

The Dust is also known to be a powerful augment and rejuvenator! Enhancing one’s physical, mental and magical powers.

Our opalescent Pixie Dust is now available in a 10 ml bottle, which should be enough to enhance Santa’s physical and magical powers the whole Christmas season.

Usage: Sprinkle into your beard after using our balms or oils, to add that magical sparkle to your beard. Can be used for Santa’s beard, hair, or Mrs. Claus’ hair. Mrs. Claus can add it to her lotions and makeup too. When using in hair, spray hair with hair spray after sprinkling on. I especially like to wear this outside where the sun light can reflect off of it, and I mix it with my rosy cheek makeup to make my cheeks sparkle. Give your beard that magical sparkle this season!

Ingredients: Cosmetic Glitter

Warning: A little goes a long way. When the Pixie Dust loses it’s magical power it falls out of your beard onto your suit. This may necessitate your suit needing to be vacuumed or rolled with a lent roller to remove the glitter. “Please, be aware of this!”




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