Testimonies from Sleigh Master Users

Santa Dan is a Sleigh Master Extraordinaire

Ho! Ho! Ho! .. To  Sleigh Master Beard Products I go!  I will use nothing else.

To Sleigh Master Beard Products condition my beard, and gives it body and shine. Sleigh Master also has excellent fragrances and I have several favorites. Love the beard soap and my wife used it once and it goes fast, she loves it! I tried telling her it’s for my beard and she said I don’t care I want some for me on your next order!

The service is fast and prompt. I cannot put into words how much I like Sleigh Master Beard Products and service.

Thank you,
Santa Dan/Britt, Iowa

Fabled Santa is a Sleigh Master Extraordinaire

Fabled Santa is a Sleigh Master Extraordinaire

I began using the Sleighmaster line of products in July 2014, when it was first launched. I loved the Candy Cane (peppermint/vanilla) scent as it was fresh and bright. The many children who sat on my lap loved it too. I found the balm helped tame my wild hairs and I used the oil to nourish my beard and moustache at night.

When they introduced the beard soap, I was quick to adopt it too and was immediately uber-pleased with the results. It cleaned my beard but kept in the essential oils for healthy hair.

I didn’t think they could improve on perfection, but then they came out with the Apple-Cinnamon scented Christmas Pie balm and oil and I was sold! Keep it up, Sleighmaster! I love them all, and so does my beard and hair.

Fabled Santa/USA Santa, Memphis, Tennessee

Santa Gene

Santa Gene is a Sleigh Master Extraordinaire

I have been using Bodacious Beard Balm – Candy Cane Scent – Firm hold for the last two seasons. I love the way it makes my beard feel and the way it holds my curl all day (and night!)

I apply it after my shower while my beard is still damp, and use a curling iron to do curls. The curls will stay in my beard all day without the use of hair spray so it doesn’t have a “stiff” feeling when the little ones touch it. And it makes my beard feel healthy, thanks Sleigh Master!

Santa Gene/Tacoma Santa/Tacoma, Washington

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