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  Welcome to Sleigh Master Beard Products from our
Bodacious Beard Brand.

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Another “For Santa, By Santa” product, so you know it is top quality that will exceed your needs

Santa Charles, M.Div., RBS Sleigh Master Extraordinaire & Proprietor
          Santa Charles, M.Div., RBS,                         Sleigh Master Extraordinaire                                                   & Proprietor

Using an Old World family formula over 250 years old as a base, we have been hard at work developing a finely-crafted premium line of beard and mustache care second to none, anywhere! Using 100% natural ingredients as a base, these products are applicable to everyone in need of quality beard care, from bikers to businessmen. Our products are hand-crafted in Memphis, Tennessee in small batches to assure quality control. Our combination of ingredients is uniquely formulated by us and is not currently found anywhere else. Sleigh Master Beard Products© has brought beard care into the 21st century!



“This product was researched and developed over many months by a professional Santa, who knows  what a Santa’s beard needs are!”  


The goal was to produce every product in our line at a reasonable price, using non-yellowing, top-quality ingredients. The formula we developed will ensure that your beard maintains its natural color which is especially important if you have a “white” beard. With our product, a white beard will stay white! Our products have a very smooth, creamy rich texture, being made of 100% natural and organic ingredients, and are safe for you and our environment. We do things a little different around here─and that’s what gives Sleigh Master Beard Products its distinctive character, setting us apart from other beard balms and oils.

As practicing Santa Clauses, we know that one of the most important “physical characteristics” about you is your beard!  Or as we prefer to call them, our “MANES.”  For other men, your beard is a symbol of your manhood.   If God had not intended for men to have beards, He wouldn’t have put hair on our faces!   Fulfill your God-given destiny and Beard on.

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